Thursday, December 3, 2009

How long WAS that year??

Besides the farmers' market,
2008 involved fledging a career in freelance astrobiology
from a picnic table at Jack Lake,
learning a bit about the extreme amount
of dirt and heck involved in small potatoes,
incorporating the Global Science Institute,
and learning that logos are very costly.

Apparently I also I bought a big front porch with some trees and a house attached,
and did some galavanting in nature,
including a canoe trip up the Eau Claire
(wherein we narrowly averted a sudden nasty storm),
...tagging some sturgeon with the DNR...
...searching for elk calves with the DNR
(I found a turkey hen sitting on some eggs
and several million mosquitos, but no elk calves)...
...and giving a talk about the stars
to a wonderful group of kayaking ladies at the Bear Paw...
...and that's pretty much it for 2008.

Oh, wait!! And then there was the World Science Fair in New York,
where I met Jane Fonda...
...and the awesome Upward Bound kids I taught at River Falls...
...and the filming of the Canadian documentary about aliens
(5 bucks to whoever recognizes the location)...
...and the photo shoot for Discovery Magazine...
...and that one figure from my dissertation that ended up in
National Geographic (in much shnazzier form, of course)...
...and the manure pit north of town?
...AND THAT WAS 2008.

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Cameron L. Martindell said...

Welcome back to the blog world! What a great recap of an amazing year! Keep it up. 2010 won't know what hit it. Miss ya!